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Oh and

2014-09-20 11:51:30 by SexyFurryGal

I will come back soon, I will miss u all too much xd

now comment below

Sorry sorry

2014-09-13 00:20:37 by SexyFurryGal

Guys, I'm quitting, I think it TOTALLY unfair that I was dead for most of the year, I'm sorry but I'm leaving, bye I'll miss u all

Dick man

2014-07-06 01:02:25 by SexyFurryGal




2014-07-05 16:57:04 by SexyFurryGal



2014-06-30 13:16:28 by SexyFurryGal

Sorry I'm not alive so much, I'm on this addicting cute called whirled, be my friend I'm amari-moon

i wish 2 c yu!~


2014-06-22 00:23:03 by SexyFurryGal

I've been gone for god knows how long :(

I feel like a piss berry ( I made that up)

well hey! wyd?


40 fans CX

2014-02-07 01:22:55 by SexyFurryGal

4622382_139175417491_Pinkie_pie_mouthful_of_cherries_by_mysticalpha-d4mzpre.jpg40 FANS THX SO MUCH!

im so happy! So, I did math and found out I got 100+ comments! Wow! Thx guys!

100+ comments mean 100+ cherrys!

what do you think will happen to pinkiepie...... Comment below!


2014-02-02 15:15:28 by SexyFurryGal

hello my little furries!

I am hoping to make COMICZ!

what should I make 4 da first comic?


2014-01-27 15:16:53 by SexyFurryGal

Okay poopers, heehee!

im doing a contest, comment below if yur in, (plz b in!)

what your suppose to do is make a creepy drawing by the following date, 2/1/14

if later, it will not be included in the contest.

the winner gets to be happy, and stuff, I dunno about the prize, wait, YES the prize is secret soo when yu win you'll see.


About that....

2014-01-21 22:57:55 by SexyFurryGal

guys, girls, and alienzz

I announce that I won't b on much, yea, school, shit, etc.

now, hash tag some shit.



#fan me..........................JK!

_________________________________________________________________________________________________if your bored, tell me how is yur day!