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Nicholas cage

2013-11-12 15:52:58 by SexyFurryGal

It took me by suprise,
The hatrid in his eyes.

Not saying I don't like Nicholas cage

Nicholas cage


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2013-11-12 18:17:30

Does he hate pie

SexyFurryGal responds:

Yes, he likes cake.
U want this cake?
I want it!


2013-11-13 11:02:56


SexyFurryGal responds:

Oopsie sorry! My grammar sucks macaw


2013-11-13 19:34:16

All I see is dope in his eyes. No, he must be plotting something evil.

SexyFurryGal responds:

No, he has no facial expression.


2013-11-16 03:18:17

Since he can't act, it must be real.

SexyFurryGal responds:

Lol, I think he can but is too lazy!


2013-11-17 04:58:20

Hello,it has really been quite a while,how have you been?It's great to see you here again.

SexyFurryGal responds:

Yea, I lost my iPad, turns out it was at my friends house :/ lol